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SMHA Spotlight: The Lane Family


Here's a special Flyers Family Spotlight, which was shared with us by Coach Fraser on behalf of the entire Bench Staff of our Sackville Flyers U13 A team. 

Meet the Lane Family: Mike, Christine, Ian, and James.

Coach Fraser along with his wife & Team Manager Laurielle have been coaching James and getting to know the whole Lane family over the last five seasons. Ian - James's brother - is without a doubt the team's biggest supporter and fan.


Ian Joins The Bench

Last year the Sackville Flyers U13 B team were able to have Ian help out in the dressing room. This was an absolute hit, and the players refer to Ian as their good luck charm. The team wanted to include Ian even more; Ian plays hockey regularly himself, and has so much love for the sport. So, Coach Fraser, Laurielle, and SMHA Director of Safety Ryan Sabean were able to develop a formal waiver (endorsed by SMHA and Hockey Nova Scotia) to allow Ian to come onto the bench with the team for Special Occasions. 


The MacDonald Gallagher Tournament

The MacDonald Gallagher Tournament organized by the Cape Breton Minor Hockey Association is an extra special one for the Lane Family; They're from the area and the whole extended family comes out to cheer James and his team on.

With Ian on the bench, the 2022-2023 Sackville Flyers took home Gold in the U13 B Division at the MacDonald Gallagher Tournament a year ago. And then last weekend - again with Ian on the bench - the 2023-2024 Sackville Flyers did it again, winning Gold for the U13 A Division! 

Thank you to the people and organizers behind the scenes that made these arrangements possible:

  • Sackville Minor Hockey Association
  • Cape Breton County Minor Hockey Association
  • Ryan Sabean
  • Laurielle Fraser
  • Brad Aucoin
  • Mark Anderson
  • Joe Wilkinson
  • Jamie Walsh
  • Jon Gibson
  • Ryan Brewer

Coach Fraser and Team Manager Laurielle shared Ian's impact on the team in an email to SMHA. "Coach Aucoin welcomed Ian onto the bench as a full part of the team for those games. To be able to watch James and Ian share winning the MacDonald Gallagher Tournament for a second consecutive year, and watch the pure joy that Ian expresses through endless smiles was beyond special. I've been with the Lane Family for five seasons now. I have watched James and Ian grow into fine young men. James has become an excellent, versatile hockey player.

Team Manager Laurielle added, "Ian brings an electrifying component to our team and the players welcome him as one of their own. Ian's love for his brother, for hockey, and his dedication to our teams over the years is inspiring and very special. Both Ian and James have so much love for each other and a great support network with their parents, Christine and Mike."

Coach Fraser continued, "Ian truly is a part of this organization in a bigger capacity than most can see. He is so positive and happy, always giving the biggest cheer he can to the team! We couldn’t be more proud of him and this family - and honestly, I couldn’t imagine being in hockey without them."

"This season our team achieved a 17-Game Win Streak! Our 17th straight win came last night with a 4-1 win over West Hants - and Ian was there for the celebration! This team truly is rare. 17 wins - each win represents the 17 players it took to achieve this feat. I'm honoured to be a part of this team."

From all of us at Sackville Minor Hockey, Congratulations to our Sackville Flyers U13 A Team on their stellar season so far! Keep it up!

Thank you to Coach Fraser and Team Manager Laurielle for sharing with us. There's a lot to be proud of here!

Jan 29, 2024