2024-2025 Goaltending Incentive

To encourage the continued development of Sackville Flyers Goaltenders, SMHA is offering the following Goaltending Incentives for the 2024-2025 Season:

  • U9 - Free Registration ($800) for All Goaltenders  
  • U11 - Free Registration ($800) for First-Year Goaltenders
    • Applies to ALL 2015 Goaltenders
    • Applies to First-Time 2014 Goaltenders
  • U13 and Older - Free Registration ($800) for First-Time Goaltenders  
For ALL incentives noted above, the Player must remain a Goaltender for the entire season. If the Player switches away from Goaltender, the Registration will be pro-rated for the portion of the season remaining. 
Please contact Tara McFeters (Finance@FlyersHockey.ca) with questions about this incentive, or to ensure your player's registration is rebated if this incentive applies to them.