Big Playoff W


Big Playoff W


The boys from Sackville rolled into the Arena tonight for an elimination game and refused to pack it in!!


El Capitain, Benjamin Lowther got the boys rolling with a goalscorers goal straight through the five hole making no mistake in tight!! After a fast paced hard hitting first period the score remained 1-0.


A quick reset got the boys back on track and it was Keats who capitalized on a partial break ripping one far side to extend the lead to two! 

The Sombrero wearing rookie, Glover, caught a Chebucto player cutting across the ice with his head down with a beauty hit, sending the puck the other way for a patented Rod & Tod 2 on 1 that saw Tricky Trelly use his whole body to get the puck in the net!! Benny Slim took matters into his own hands again, taking the puck from his own end all the way down, holding it on the 2 on 1 and ripping it low blocker to put the boys up 4!! 


The third Period didn’t go as planned as Chebucto came out firing on all cylinders to keep their season alive, capitalizing on a couple chances to make the game 4-2, but with resilient play, some big blocks, a lucky post or two and some breathtaking saves from Becca, the boys in orange rallied and held off the Atlantics before their captain buried an empty better full ice to secure his hat trick and ice the game!! 


Big shoutout to Chase and Colp, wearing a couple dirty hits without retaliation putting their pride aside and taking the powerplay!!


Big shoutout to Foston, who flew around the ice all night long, emptying the tank and getting to every loose puck in sight!! That’s the type of hockey that wins playoffs!!


Super proud of the boys tonight, first win since January and whynot save it for an elimination game to upset the 2 seed!! Colesy finally got rid of his fur coat, a couple more losses and it was his to keep forever!! Big game against Dartmouth Tuesday night!!