Financial Aid


Families that may require financial aid to assist with Registration and Team Fees have a number of options available. Below are some funding programs that may be able to help.


If you are submitting an application for Financial Aid to any of the sources noted above, please complete regular season registration before the Aug 31, 2023 Registration Deadline and select EMT as the payment type. Please forward any Financial Aid approval emails or letters to Tara McFeters at


SMHA Player Assistance Fund

In September 2022, SMHA rolled out the Sackville Flyers Player Assistance Fund.

SMHA has funds from outside donations and expired 50/50 credits to assist families with the cost of hockey, who may not otherwise be able to afford it. These funds can be used in addition to awards received from other sources such as KidSportJumpstart and the Hockey Canada Assist Fund to reduce the fees incurred for the year. 
  • SMHA continues to encourage all families in need of financial assistance to apply for all of the above-mentioned programs, where eligible.
  • SMHA Player Assistance Fund Policy (.pdf) 
  • Application Deadline: 11:59pm, Monday, October 30th, 2023
    • The application requires the Applicant to upload an attachment
    • If you have technical issues with this, please fill in as much as you can on the form, then send the attachment directly to Jen Tower at
  • All information will remain confidential, including application details and amounts of funding received.
  • Amounts will be credited directly towards the player's HCR account. No cheques or cash will be provided directly to the applicant.
  • Contact Information: Jen Tower,