Bottle Drive


Updated: Oct 12, 2023


Bottle Drive Signups are open as of 12:00pm, on Thurs Oct 12th. 

There are two weeks reserved for Recreation Teams. This is such a great fundraiser and team activity, so we hope this allows Recreation Teams to get out and take advantage early in the season. 

Please use This Google Form to select your team's Top SIX Time and Location Combinations. 

The selected Time Slots will be filled in on the spreadsheet below, on a first-come, first-serve basis.
If all of your team's requested spots are full, Melissa/Helen will reach out and get your team signed up in an available spot, before moving onto the next team's submission. As slots are filled in, the Google Sheet mirrored below will auto-update within a couple of minutes. 



  • Once a Zone is booked, it cannot be booked again the following weekend. (Bookings skip one week.)
  • Bookings will be added to the Google Sheet in the order received. First-come, first-served.
  • We are accepting only one booking per team at this time (Oct 2023).
    • Once all teams have a chance to plan one Bottle Drive, we will re-open for second time slots.
  • Team Managers/Fundraising Coordinators must book one of the bottle depots to accommodate your team's bottle drop offs: 
    • O'Connell's Recycling (formerly known as Faders Bottle Exchange): 15 Sackville Cross Rd. - 902-864-4343
    • Sackville Bottle Depot: 446 Sackville Dr. - 902-865-9010
  • The Google Sheet below refreshes within several minutes of your team's time being manually added by Melissa/Helen.



Zones for SMHA Bottle Drive


Zone 1 - Sackville High Area

  • Homes and Subdivisions off Glendale Dr. between Metropolitan Rd and Cobequid Rd.
  • Homes and Subdivisions off First Lake Dr
  • Homes and Subdivisions off Cobequid Rd to Windsor Junction Rd.

Zone 2 - Millwood High Area

  • Homes and Subdivisions of Millwood area
  • Homes and Subdivisions off Beaverbank Rd as far North as Avery’s Market/Stokil Dr.
  • Homes and Subdivisions between Beaverbank Rd and Metropolitan Rd.
  • Homes off Sackville Drive (Up to Lucasville Rd)


Zone 3 - Springfield Lake Area

  • All homes off Sackville Dr-starting from Lucasville Rd and out
  • All homes in Middle Sackville


Zone 4 - Beaver Bank Area

  • All homes off Beaver Bank Rd (Except Windgate to Windsor Junction)
  • Starting at Avery's and going North


Zone 5 - Lucasville Road and Waterstone Subdivision

  • All homes off Lucasville Rd.
  • All homes in Waterstone Subdivision


Zone 6 - Windsor Junction Area

  • All homes and side streets off Windgate Dr
  • All homes in the Rivendale and Capilano Subdivisions
  • All homes and side streets off Windsor Junction Road